Errol and Hendrina Westoll have been involved in ministry since 1988, after having trained for two years at the Rhema Bible Training Centre in Randburg SA. They were married in November 1991.

  • Members of New Life Church, Bryanston: 1989 to 1991.
  • Redemption Bible Church bible school, Orlando, Soweto in 1989 and 1990, under the leadership of Ps Elias Mthembu.
  • Craighall Christian Fellowship’s outreach to Mmakaunyana in the Winterveld, not far from Shoshanguve in what is now part of the Tshwane Metro, from about 1992 to 1994/5.
  • Manger Marine Mission for the Aged and Disabled in Pretoria from October 2008 to October 2009.
  • Jordan.GLC Home for the Disabled from August 2010 to July 2012.
  • Members of Sandton City Church from February 2013 until sent out in September 2014.
  • Presently members of the Lofdal International Church, Brackenfell, Cape Town.

Lofdal Restoration Centre

We have been closely involved with the Lofdal Restoration Centre since February-March 2015. The Centre is also known as P.A.D.A – the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse programme. Our ministry comes in the form of counselling and deliverance – something we had not anticipated when we moved from Johannesburg in September 2014. We trusted the Lord to open doors for us here in the Western Cape as He had promised and it is amazing how He has done just that.

Almost ten years ago, Pastor Ulrich Strauss was delivered from a life of drugs and gangsterism and the Lord gave him a vision of a rehabilitation centre to restore the lives of those caught in the bondage of drugs, alcohol, gangsterism and prostitution. Under the wing of Lofdal Ministries, the restoration centre was started and since then has impacted the lives of thousands, both directly and indirectly. A major feature of the programme is its system of several support groups, affording family, friends and the ex-addict a means of remaining clean.

Men of all ages desperate to be freed from addiction attend the centre and are taught the Word of God and life skills, and work on the vegetable farm and in the workshops on the premises. Their lives are turned around as they discover their true identity and are delivered from past bondages.

Sword Newsletter No 7/2017 [GO]

Our July 2017 newsletter been published (see “downloads”). If you wish to receive a copy via e-mail, please send your e-mail address to Hendrina at

Anoint the Shield

We have a new book entitled “Anoint the Shield” presently at the publishers. Unlike “Jezebel” which we self-published in 1991, we are publishing this new book via a recognised publisher. We anticipate that the book will be available at bookstores by the end of this year. “Anoint the Shield” deals with prayer and intercession, with chapter titles such as “Group Prayer”, “Dimensions of Intercession”, “Intercessory Warfare”, “Interceding the Word”, “Our African Context”, “Establishing the Kingdom Through Intercession” and “Strange Fire”, the book promises to be an eye-opener for most readers.


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