Errol and Hendrina Westoll have been involved in ministry since 1988, after having trained for two years at the Rhema Bible Training Centre in Randburg SA. They were married in November 1991.

  • Members of New Life Church, Bryanston: 1989 to 1991.
  • Redemption Bible Church bible school, Orlando, Soweto in 1989 and 1990, under the leadership of Ps Elias Mthembu.
  • Craighall Christian Fellowship’s outreach to Mmakaunyana in the Winterveld, not far from Shoshanguve in what is now part of the Tshwane Metro, from about 1992 to 1994/5.
  • Manger Marine Mission for the Aged and Disabled in Pretoria from October 2008 to October 2009.
  • Jordan.GLC Home for the Disabled from August 2010 to July 2012.
  • Members of Sandton City Church from February 2013 until sent out in September 2014.
  • Presently members of the Lofdal International Church, Brackenfell, Cape Town.

Sandton City Church, Johannesburg

We bless the elders and congregation of SSC, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for what they did for us in reconciling us back into the Body of Christ. Their love and compassion, particularly during a period in May 2013-following which was, for us, a tragic and extremely taxing time, helped us keep our eyes fixed firmly on our Lord and Saviour. Their support during the time we were with them gave us new hope and strength. We were blessed and honoured to be given the responsibility for the Seniors’ Group, ladies who devoured the Word of God and soaked up ministry like sponges. What a privilege!

During our time with SSC we were blessed to be able to join Peter Munnings and his team on a ministry trip to Zimbabwe, where we ministered to leaders. Thank you all for your generosity and for friendships which will remain.

A House of prayer

“And Jesus was going about all the cities and the villages, teaching in their synagogues and making a public proclamation of the good news concerning the kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness. And having seen the crowds He was moved with compassion concerning them because they were exhausted by their troubles and their long, aimless wanderings, and had thrown themselves to the ground in an utterly prostrate condition as sheep not having a shepherd. Then He says to His disciples, ‘The harvest indeed is great, but the workers, few. Therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest to thrust out workers into His harvest.'”  [Mat 9:35 Wuest  (35-38)]


We live in exciting times and many of you would have read that during the current year on the Jewish calendar there will be not one, but FOUR Blood Moons (full lunar eclipses). The period in question extends from the Passover just passed to that of our year 2015. The so-called Blood Moons also take place at significant Jewish feasts. History shows that this has huge significance for the worldwide Jewish nation as well as for Israel proper. And what happens to Israel seems inevitably to have a spiritual effect on the Body of Christ. As mentioned below, though, the period from Passover to Pentecost is also a very important time which the Lord uses to reveal what He is saying.

From: “The Elijah List”

This is a key time for the release of revelation, as we progress from Passover to Pentecost. On Sunday morning, there was such a release of prophetic revelation – particularly with the call to step forth in obedience to experience His favour all around us. Don’t miss the prophecies below!

Key Prophetic Word! Let Favour Explode Around You!

Prophesied by Amber Pierce, Chad Foxworth and Chuck Pierce:

“Some of you are ready to be re-positioned because of your favour that I’ve released. Be willing to come up and go where I send you. Be willing to move into the realm that I have for you. You’re obedience this week will cause favour to explode around you!”

(Favour is a lot like grace. Whereas grace is something you just get, favour comes upon you when you step and obey something God’s telling you to do. Favour is a release of glory because of our obedience. God wants the tiredness off of His People. He wants the agitation off of His People. He wants the hope deferred off of His people. He wants the anxiety off of His People and He wants a strong people that will do exploits. There is a strength in you that you have never allowed Him to unlock. But if you will allow Him to unlock it then you will go beyond your own strength and you’ll come into a new place!) Joy is about to overtake us. Joy is about to overflow. Joy is about to overflow, and as that joy overflows, it’s going to drip on other people. It’s going to be contagious!

“When you come together – receive what I AM giving out! Don’t come wanting last week’s manna and don’t come wanting what you think you need. Come and receive what I AM serving at the Feast you’re coming too. Let go and let ME.”

Some of you have the worst situation in all the world. God says, “Why are you letting that situation rob your joy? Why are you letting that one around you take you into Hell with them? Break out, break up, and enter! I am quite big enough to take care of what you’re trying to take care of!” You are going to have to step into favor this week. You are going to have to put your best foot forward. You must let joy arise! That is an act of your will, and once you do, you are going to see the opening start happening!

“This will be a week of soaping you up! This is a time that I must wash off that which has attached itself to you. Your body has things attached that I must wash away, for many cannot see the true identity that I have for My people.

“You are going to laugh when I uncover who you really are. You are going to laugh when I remove and untie a treasure that’s been covered over for you. You are going to laugh when I begin to dust off what you felt was old and make it new. The shaking that is going on will now be followed by the soaping. So watch where the rains fall, for now I will wash away a film that has been covering over that place for you to step into.

“There’s an anchor in the Heavens. You have been seated in places too low. You are going to stop looking at those low places and you are going to begin to grab onto the anchor in the heavens! Reach up and say, ‘Let the soaping begin! I am going to grab hold of the anchor that God has for me. I’m coming up, out of, and into, and those treasures that have been covered over are coming up with me!’

“Commune with Me in a new way today, and I will uncover what’s been covered over that you can’t see. If you will commune with Me today then I will wash away the film that’s holding you captive!”


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